New ak 12

Photo via Vitaly V. Brace yourselves: It looks like Kalashnikov Concern, the weapons manufacturer behind the iconic AK, will end up arming the modern Russian warfighter for future conflicts with a brand new addition to its AK family of assault rifles by the end ofArmy Recognition reports. Kalashnikov AK and AK assault rifles retains traditional Kalashnikov-type gas operated action with rotary bolt locking, and use magazines compatible with previous generations of 5.

The receiver, gas block, gas tube and barrel are redesigned to achieve better accuracy under all conditions. AK AK rifle is equipped with integrated Picatinny rail on the top of the redesigned, detachable top cover, which permits simple and fast installation of modern day and night sighting equipment.

Bottom of the forend is also equipped with Picatinny rail for various tactical accessories such as vertical grips, flashlights and lasers. Rifle is equipped with side-folding shoulder stock which is adjustable for length of pull. Iron sights consist of a shrouded front post, mounted on the gas block, and an adjustable rear aperture sight, installed on the removable base using upper Picatinny rail. Depending on the tactical situation, a bayonet or quick detachable sound suppressor can be mounted on the barrel.

To further increase combat effectiveness of the rifle, it can be equipped with 40mm underballer grenade launcher such as GP or GP To be clear, the Russian military isn't planning on completely phasing out the AK It is necessary to considerably improve combat engagement convenience, including ergonomics, and provide a possibility to mount additional devices. Air Force. Marine Corps. Coast Guard. More Sections. The Blotter. Mandatory Fun.

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BREAKING: Kalashnikov Concern Discontinues AK-12, Replaces It with… The New AK-12!

Military Tech.Soon, Russian troops will carry new assault rifles into battle. Russian soldiers currently carry the AKM assault rifle. This 5. The AK was introduced in the s and modernized to the -M standard in The Russian Army retains a stockpile of approximately two million AKs in different variants. The Russian military has long wanted to field a new rifle, but having more AKs than soldiers made this a relatively low priority.

Russia also wanted a rifle with a sufficient increase in performance to warrant the cost, Meanwhile, the country's defense budget has yo-yoed over the last decade due to the price oil and the effects of economic sanctions, causing more delays. The main difference between the two new guns is that the AK is chambered for the same ammunition as the AKM, 5.

The manufacturer, Kalashnikov concern, says the rifles are Both rifles have a rate of fire of rounds a minute and use round magazines.

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new ak 12

AK Kalashnikov Concern. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Weapons.Although similar to the venerable AK platform, the AK is actually a completely new ground up design. The engineers at Izmash kept everything that makes the AK great but went back to the drawing board to address deficiencies that traditional AK platforms have.

The long stroke gas piston action stays but many control features have changed. The AK is fitted an ambidextrous selector switch that is 4-position switchable from safe to single, 3-round burst, and full auto fire. The selector switch is located towards the rear of the receiver and can be thumb actuated. The charging handle is still reciprocating but can reportedly be installed on either side of the gun making it friendly for both right and left handed shooters.

Mounting choices for optics and accessories on the AK are much improved compared to the AK thanks tot the full-length accessories rail on a hinged top cover.

The top cover is also beefed up and is made with thicker material than the stamped cover of the previous AK. The more secure top cover latch is now located on the right side, just behind the safety selector switch.

The AK will be chambered in the traditional 7. An exciting prospect is that there is a quad-stack 60 round capacity magazine is in the works. The reported weight is 3. The jury is still out on its looks.

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Email Address. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.On December 20 th, Kalashnikov Concern, the largest Russian small arms manufacturer, delivered the first batch of AK assault rifles to Russian Ministry of Defense. Chambered for the army standard 5. Russian army forces will also be equipped with new AK rifles in 7.

It's official, at last: on December 20 th, Kalashnikov Concern, the largest Russian small arms manufacturer, delivered the first batch of AK assault rifles to Russian Ministry of Defense. Officially adopted in Januarythe AK is chambered for the Russian army standard 5. Russian army forces will also be equipped with the AK riflethe same platform as the AK except that it fires the old but still popular 7.

The background of the new Kalashnikov AK-12/AK-15 and how they are Engineered

AKs will replace 7. Both rifles can be equipped with quick detach sound suppressors, underbarrel grenade launchers, or bayonets. The AK is a new generation of Kalashnikov assault rifles. Based on the same proven and tested basic principles as previous series of AK rifles, it features improved ergonomics and accuracyoffering Russian soldiers new capabilities to use it with modern day and night sights, laser aiming modules, tactical flashlights etc.

Firstly, it has a radically redesigned front end of the receiver and a new, permanently fixed gas tube. This way, forend and upper hand guard are attached to the receiver and gas tube rather than to the barrel, effectively relieving the latter from stresses and preventing shift in the point of impact — in other words, the barrel is now free-floated in respect to the handguards thus improving accuracy.

Since the new gas tube is not removable, it shall be cleaned from the front, and has a removable maintenance plug for this.

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The rear of the receiver was also redesigned to provide a more secure and stable fixation system for the top cover. Stock is adjustable and can be also folded on the left side. AK12's overall length is Weight with empty round magazine is Kalashnikov Group officially launches its unique sporting rifle for Russian market.

Kalashnikov Concern has announced a new TG2 semi-automatic shotgun chambered for the Russian. As part of the expansion of its product line, Kalashnikov group has developed a series of gun cases for civilian weapons. Cases are issued in two versions - "Baikal" for hunting weapons and "Kalashnikov" for sport and "tactical" weapons. The Team of all4shooters. The AK rifle features a more secure and stable fixation system for the top cover and new iron sights.

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New AK-12 Video, Information and Pictures!

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That might interest you too:.This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Applications RSS. RT Shop. RT Question more. Home World News. Get short URL. Follow RT on. Kalashnikov have unveiled the latest incarnation of their iconic assault rifle, the AK The company says new generation firearm called the AK combines reliability with precision, and can be used with one hand.

The Kalashnikov makers claim its has better range, increased fire dispersion, better ergonomics, usability and a potential for configuration changes. It considerably increases the accuracy of shooting. The rifle is capable of firing in three modes: single shot, three shots and automatic fire mode.

Also, AK is capable of using magazines of various types and capacity. The basic feature of the new rifle is its modularity. It will serve as a basic platform for designing of over 20 modifications of small-arms weapons of various purpose and calibre.

The rifle can accommodate night vision and Holo-sights, target indicator, or a light grenade launcher. The AK is undergoing firing tests in extreme conditions which should be completed by the end of the year. The Russian Ministry of Interior has already agreed to test the AK in its special police units after official certification of the weapon.

Media News. The pop culture of Kalashnikov.It has been proposed to the military to be the new service rifle of the Russian military, along with potentially replacing other older AK-pattern designs in use with various military forces around the world. Ina statement was issued by the Russian Defense Ministry that this rifle was to be trialed in Throughout its development, the AK has received various modifications and changes to meet the standards of the Russian military, and to address various issues as seen with earlier prototypes.

new ak 12

The weapon competed with the Aa modernized AEKin various trials. In latethe Russian Military announced that both the AK and A had passed state tests and would be slowly drafted into operational service trials some time in An almost finalized version of the AK was shown off in Septemberalong with a few variants: the AK chambered for 7.

The Russian Military Is Getting New Assault Rifles

The AK is currently being evaluated for export and civilian models are currently being produced; the Armenian Ministry of Defense has managed to secure rights to locally manufacture the AK and 15 as of Augustmost likely by Garni-ler. The more famous pre-production AK, formerly known as the AKhas a very similar operation to most Kalashnikovs, but is very heavily modernized when compared to other rifles in its family, such as its controls being completely ambidextrous and the ability to switch calibers by just changing its barrel.

Along with various other accessory rails attached to the AK, it is able to accept a wide variety of calibers, from 7. The production AK is radically different when compared to the prototype, with various features such as the ambidextrous charging handle removed. While the AK is still a Kalashnikov design, it unarguably shares more in common with older AK designs than the prototype, but it is claimed that this production version of the AK is not a retrofitted AK or something of the like.

The production AK also has the ability to fit an underbarrel grenade launcher to the bottom rail. Both the pre-production and production AK have a four-position selector switch. The pre-production AK has four settings for safe, semi-automatic, three-round burst and fully automatic; the production AK has the same settings, except that the three-round burst setting was replaced by a two-round burst setting.

This was the very first prototype of the AK AK was the initial designation for the AK up until Januarywhen most details of the weapon were still shrouded in secrecy.

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The name was changed to AK some time in ; the name AK is currently used on a similar set of rifles manufactured by the Kalashnikov Concern. This prototype of the AK is unarguably the most well known and one of the most refined versions of the AK rifle family.

This version of the AK had completely ambidextrous controls, including a four-point fire selector, ambidextrous charging handle and a heel magazine release among other features. The AK has an telescoping buttstock meant for better recoil control; on top of the buttstock is an adjustable cheekrest.

The AK accepts various types of magazines from the AK family of rifles. This was supposed to be a shotgun version of the AK chambered for 12 gauge that was to be produced for the civilian market. The weapon was announced inbut never entered production.

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Computer-generated 2D render of the. This unnamed prototype of the AK was supposed to be a semi-automatic version of the AK chambered for. If one cannot already infer, this prototype AK is extremely different from the one most commonly seen; instead, it resembles a heavily modified AK-pattern rifleand has most of the innovative features of the more well-known AK removed, such as the ambidextrous charging handle.

new ak 12

The AK was successful in these trials, and fired rounds without failing. This is the updated AK that was shown off in the nearly identical version had a different color scheme.A prototype of this assault rifle was first revealed in Though since its introduction the prototype was heavily modified and simplified.

This weapon is intended to replace the AKwhich is a standard-issue infantry rifle in service with the Russian military.

On the export market it is intended to replace an AK series. Development and testing of the AK has been completed and this weapon is ready for production. In production of this assault rifle was being launched. It was planned that the first batch of assault rifles will be delivered to the Russian military by the end of In some sources reported that this assault rifle is being produced in large numbers for the Russian military.

The new AK was strongly criticized by the media as being not as cutting-edge weapon, as some latest designs proposed by other manufacturers. The main goal developing the AK was to improve tactical flexibility and ergonomics of the previous weapons. Poor balance and ergonomics were the main drawbacks of the AK Even though the AK resembles previous AK series weapons, and uses similar operating principle, this weapon has been redesigned in many ways.

Though it is likely that numerous tweaks and modifications, as well as introduction of small and fiddly parts will negatively affect legendary reliability of AK series weapons. Also the new AK is more troublesome to field strip for cleaning. The AK is a gas operated, selective fire weapon.

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It is based around the traditional Kalashnikov design. It is expected to be simple, rugged and reliable weapon as its predecessors. This new assault rifle is planned to be available in two versions. The light version is chambered for 5. Barrel of the AK has revised rifling for improved accuracy. The old AK has inferior accuracy to most Western assault rifles of the period. It was located above the pistol grip, on both sides of the weapon. It had four positions for "safe", "semi-auto", "3-round burst" and "full-auto".

The combined safety and fire mode selector lever can be operated by a thumb, without releasing the pistol grip. It was a huge improvement over the traditional AK-style fire mode selector, which is awkward to use.

Prototype also had a revised charging handle that could be installed on either side of the weapon. However for some reason on later prototypes this arrangement was dropped in favor to the traditional fire mode selector and charging handle.

Also a 3-round burst mode was replaced on production model by a 2-round burst mode. This new assault rifle is compatible with a standard round AK magazines, as well as round magazine of the RPK light machine gun.

Newer magazines for the AK allow to see how many rounds are left in the magazine. This weapon can also use newly-developed round box magazine.

Originally the AK had a side-folding, adjustable telescopic stock, which folded to the right side.

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